Selfrealization and enlightenment is love-bliss

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Adyashanti's three phases of awakening


- and the state beyond

The three phases of waking up (according to Adyashanti)


The three phases are three completely arbitrary lines that divide something that is actually whole. So it is a way of helping put into context what is actually one happening. Sometimes someone wakes up instantaneously and completely, but usually it is not so clear-cut. Yet most people are told it is clear-cut. Yet the fact is it is simply not that clear-cut.

1. Waking-to. Waking to the fact that there is (you could say) something Divine within yourself. Even as you awakening to the fact that "peace is always there" or "love is always there"... Something is always there that you didn't notice before, and you realize it always is there and always was there. Awakening to this takes God or Spirit out of its concept and brings it closer to a living reality. However this is not what we usually think of when we think of "waking up".

2. Waking-in. What is commonly called waking up. When you wake up to the fact you are that which you previously thought was in you. This is a sudden identity shift away from the personality, body, mind and personality to the formless Self. This is not awakening-to but awakening-as. Yet it is focusing on the emptiness of it, and not yet experiencing the fullness of it. This is where people run into the dark night of the soul where all the gifts that were given are suddenly taken away.

3. Awaken-out. By this I mean that our awareness is not always habitually looking inwards at the formless Self all the time and being identified as the formless Self. As beautiful as it seems, that formless Self suddenly looks outward, and it just doesn't see itself as formless and empty but it looks outwards and it sees itself in all forms and all things. And the fullness comes rushing in and there is a deeper experience of what is manifest is the numberless manifestations of what is. Their focus is no longer habitually looking inside at the formless Self all the time, and being identified as the formless Self. Suddenly it looks outwards and it sees itself in all forms and all things. And the fullness comes rushing in. There is really no difference between pure consciousness and its numberless manifestations. And we quit looking at our jobs, etc., as separate from this formless Self.


Adyashanti speaks only of pure being. Bliss and Shakti do not have any place in his paradigm of realization. At the most he speaks of bliss as an inferior state prior to pure being, which testifies that he only knows of bliss understood as ecstasy and not as an immovable, unmanifest state beyond nothingness-being.

Adyashanti's phase three is still only a phase. Apparently this is where Adyashanti is since he stops his narrative here. However beyond this there is a state where there is nothing but bliss, neither inside nor outside, since inside and outside no longer have any meaning. At this point nothing exists but Bliss. This bliss IS pure being. This bliss IS the Shakti manifesting as everything "outside". Yet you are One with this Shakti and this Shakti IS Bliss and this Shakti-Bliss IS Pure Being and you are IT.

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