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Inner light meditation



Inner light meditation is simple, yet complex enough to turn off the mind and set you free.

In its most simple form, the instruction is to sense Shakti flowing in and out of the body at the same time. This simultaneous in- and out-flow can not be controlled by the mind and must rather be deeply felt; thus the mind is not involved in this meditation. The meditation may start at the mind level, but should quickly turn to a deeply felt sense of simultaneous flowing in and radiating out.

In its basic form, the instruction is that the inflow should bring the entire body to glow and ultimately to become visualized as white light. The white light of the body then radiates in all directions simultaneously with the continuous inflow. Soon the white light will not be visualized, but will be "felt" or intuited as a fact.

In it's complete form, the instruction is as follows: First feel the inflow, then sense the body warm up as a consequence of the inflow. The warming up causes the body to glow with white light and radiate Shakti in all directions simultaneously with the inflow of Shakti. When this is stable and the mind is not involved, one enters the great peace while one with vibrating Shakti. In this state one focuses on the third eye and visualizes it as a ball of bright light. During this visualization it is important not to leave the great peace. The third eye will then expand and spontaneous inner light will erupt. It is important not to leave the great peace at any point in this meditation. While in the bright light and great peace one can do samyama on some relevant subjects like "inner light" or "bliss".

Learning inner light meditation

The best posture is sitting crosslegged because it makes it easier to visualize the flows and light when the legs are folded up rather than stretched out. One somewhat forms a ball. Likewise sitting in a chair is not so good. But one should not be put off by posture since the inner light meditation can be done in any posture with a little practice. Meditate 45-60 minutes twice daily.

Preliminary practices

1) For as long as needed practice as follows. Only do this; do not try to jump to the full practice at once. Simply visualize and feel all good things flowing to you. Sense love and kindness flowing to you. Sense Shakti flowing to you. Do nothing else in your meditation but this. Keep at it untill you have mastered it to such a degree that you can turn it on at will and sense it flowing into your body from all directions. Above, below, from all sides and all corners. Become this inflow. Do this some weeks or months, but on the other hand do not get stuck in this preliminary practice.

2) When you have mastered step one, ignore the inflow, but instead sense that all good things begin to flow from you. Perhaps as a consequence of being filled over the brim by the inflow practice, perhaps because it is your nature. Anyway, you imagine you have become so full from the inflow, that you begin to radiate what you have become full of. Make sure you are flowing from all areas of the body. Above, below, all sides and corners. Do this for some weeks or months, but do not get stuck in this practice.

3) When you have mastered step two begin to inflow and outflow at the same time. Do this for some weeks or months. Gradually you will move from sensing all good things flowing in and out to sensing pure Shakti flowing in and out. This is a good sign. When you sense pure Shakti flowing in and out at the same time, you have begun stage one of the full practice.

Full practice

The full practice begins with the culmination of preliminary practice three. Within a few minutes after you begin your meditation, you should feel the inflow and the outflow of Shakti and sense the body as light. Deepen this experience and become it as much as possible. Sit like this for fifteen minutes or so. Then add the following concentration: Focus on the third eye and visualize it as a ball of light about the size of your clenched fist. You will soon experience pressure in the forehead and inner light will erupt in the head. At first the inner light will be mild, or it may come in intense flashes. Later it will stabilize as a medium intense inner light constantly blazing. Later still it will erupt as brilliant white light.

Adding samyama

When you have mastered the full practice, you can add samyama. This is extremely simple. While absorbed by the inner light and shakti, one with great peace, you think a short phrase and let its meaning manifest within you. Don't just repeat the phrase dull mindedly, but sense its meaning well up in you. You need to be one with shakti and great peace for samyama to work, so meditate with the full practice for about 15 minutes before doing samyama. The most important phrase is:

"Inner light."

Think the phrase silently, "Inner light", then be silent and allow Shakti to take the form implied by the phrase. Feel inner light well up within from out of the unmanifest great peace and from the vibrant field of Shakti, that you are the center of. Sit with the welling up for as long as it lasts, then think the phrase again and sense its inherrent meaning well up in you. "Inner light" and allow it to manifest within and open your third eye.

Other good phrases are: "Happiness", "kindness" and "compassion" and you can add these when you have achieved mastery with the phrase "inner light".

Hollow body

When the inner light meditation succeeds, you will suddenly experience your body as hollow and filled with crystal clear light. Luminous Shakti will pour into your body and radiate from your body simultaneously. This is very healing for the body. It is a form of savikalpa samadhi. From here you can at some point slip into nirvikalpa samadhi.

Ending meditation

Simply open your eyes and remain in meditation for some minutes. Meditate with eyes open and sense the in- and outflow of Shakti while gazing at the surroundings.

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