Selfrealization and enlightenment is love-bliss

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Kundalini and Self-realization



Question: The lovebliss occurs to whom or what? Is this an unconditioned, source essence without subject or object?

Jan: The lovebliss IS the Self, it occurs to no one. Though the body/mind complex enjoys the suffusion of Shakti that occurs when one is "in" the lovebliss state. It is indeed unconditioned and prior to subject/object. It is the Self. The Self is Sat-Chit-Ananda, ananda means bliss or lovebliss.

Q: If unconditioned, why the condition of kundalini in the brain? Why the dependent link to anything of the human (even if it be astral or other subtle energy) body?

J: Kundalini in the brain is important; it transforms the body/mind complex so it can uphold the high state. You can get enlightened without this transformation, but then you will not have the Shakti and the bliss, it will just be void. You have to understand that kundalini-shakti is one with the Shakti, the Self. Kundalini is not some separate astral energy. Kundalini is the manifestation of you as an individual ignorant being. Kundalini has built you up as you are now and kundalini runs the show, because kundalini is the Shakti of the Self in a condenced or crystallized form (metaphors). So kundalini is the key to your ignorance and also the key to your full enlightenment. You have to get kundalini to operate in the reverse direction of that it normally operates; that is, you have to "awaken" it as we say. An unawakened kundalini may rise to the brain and you will then have an experience of bliss that lasts so long as it does, but it will pass and just be a nice memory. An awakened kundalini will transform your bodies and your ego-mind to be able to uphold the state of full enlightenment (sat-chit-ananda); then bliss states act as magnets pulling you into the Self. You have to get rid of kundalini as such in order to reach full enlightenment, and you get rid of kundalini in the brain when kundalini gets absorbed onto Shakti.

Q: Linking lovebliss to kundalini in the brain appears to make lovebliss just another human experience of bodily energies – be they though highly subltle ones.

J: It is not a matter of having experiences. The bliss is the Self and it is all about getting Self-realized. The effect of getting kundalini into the brain is that Shakti is fully awake in your system and is pulling you into the Self. So when is it an experience? You have to ask this. As long as you are not Self-realized, any samadhi can be classified as an experience since it is temporary, even void or satori. Any temporary contact with the Self from a Shakti point of view (kundalini in the brain), will be full of lovebliss, and this bliss will pull your mind out of its current stuff and into the Self. You can classify the initial bliss as an experience, since it is temporary, but it has high value in terms of speeding up your sadhana and making your sadhana immensely joyful. Sadhana without Shakti, is dry and barren; it is like trying to grow a tree without watering it. You need to awaken kundalini, or rather get it to operate upwards, back to source (the Self), rather than downwards towards ego. If you get kundalini into the brain and it is not awakened, kundalini will come down again and you will be no wiser for that ecperience. If kundalini is awakened and not only reaches the brain, but merges with Shakti/pure Being there, then you have undone your egoic structure completely and merged with the Self. Then there is no question of it being an experience (temporary) because you will be One with the Self, which is Shakti and pure bliss.

Q: Wouldn’t such linked lovebliss get left behind when the body/personality-self is transcended that is make up in part of kundalini energy and brain?

J: When you leave your body, if your kundalini is awakened, you will not leave the bliss behind, but will merge into it and probably get Self-realized. If not ready to get Self-realized at death, you will - as you always do - take kundalini with you as your essence and out of it an new form will manifest as a new birth/life/personality. But it is not that you take kundalini with you like a dog in a leach, you have to understand that you are kundalini. Kundalini is your essence, it is you as an ignorant individual.

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