Selfrealization and enlightenment is love-bliss

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Lovebliss is your true nature. If you don't feel it and live it fully, you are identified with the small self or stuck in nothingness-being. I urge you to move on in either case.

The throb of the divine

The pure being of the Self is not an emptiness or a vacuum, as it may at first be experienced to be. It throbs, or vibrates, and this throb is love-bliss, also known as Shakti. But understand that the throb is no different from the nothingness-being. The Self simply is lovebliss and it is nothingness-being at the same time -- and this is vibrant and dynamic. In the beginning of your spiritual journey, you may predominantly experience one or the other, love, bliss or nothingness, but as you progress the three will merge into one and the nothingness will certainly be realized to be an unmanifest oneness of Being-Bliss-Awareness.

Not a state of consciousness, but pure being

Lovebliss is not a state of consciousness, nor an experience, though it will seem so in the beginning when you only get it in glimpses. In the beginning, because you think of it as a state of consciousness or an inflow, you will think in terms of change: how to change your consciousness from one state to the state of lovebliss. But the truth is, lovebliss is not a state, it is the nature of pure being, so no matter how much you change consciousness, you will not get it that way.

You only (initially) get it as a state by transcending consciousness, merging into nothingness-being and letting that nothingness-being "vibrate" into your consciousness as love or bliss. This you will experience as what is often called "cosmic orgasm", but cosmic orgasm is not the real thing, it is just an ecstasy.

In the beginning, the body will feel like it is on fire with bliss. Your hands may shake and tears flow. The skin will feel electric and as if tingling. Your heart will expand with great love and your chest feel far too small. The brain vibrates and the scull feels as if being massaged with pure delight. There are no words to describe love-bliss. In the beginning it is agitated ecstasy, later it is ecstasy without agitation or unrest, but at total peace, finally it is Pure Being and Shakti in One. It is a fierce force, yet incredibly gentle. It is unmanifest, yet love, bliss and consciousness. As you get used to it and it integrates more and more into your system, every breath will send waves of lovebliss through your body. You will stop thinking and every act will be a spontaneous expression of lovebliss. Even the body becomes lovebliss. You will realize nothingness-being is not nothingness, but is lovebliss. And in that there is no ecstasy, only complete stillness, which is lovebliss.

At that point the focus of your spiritual practice will change from transcending into nothingness-being, to merging in lovebliss. Finally you simply are lovebliss, though it will fluctuate in intensity, and your practice will be to be it to the highest degree at all levels of your being and during all kinds of activity. Even the body will become love-bliss. Simply breathing becomes lovebliss. Everything you see is seen as lovebliss. This is known as sat-chit-ananda.

Lovebliss is the source of enlightenment because it is enlightenment

Nothing can stand in the way of lovebliss (Shakti) and it simply crushes ignorance. I have worshipped lovebliss -- the divine mother Shakti -- all my life. Mother Shakti is the giver of enlightenment, the giver of love, the giver of bliss, and lovebliss is her nature and how you will recognize her. Know that to connect with any kind of bliss from cosmic orgasms and up to pure lovebliss, you will need to activate and arouse kundalini. True, pure lovebliss comes when kundalini moves her seat to the brain. Until then it is ananda (bliss), not paramananda (supreme lovebliss). Surrender to Shakti, who is lovebliss, then merge with her. She is One with Pure Being and is the Self.

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