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Once I learned to enter nirvikalpa samadhi, back in the 80'ies, and to pump up the shakti, I soon discovered that the state was contagious. Now I use this to arouse or awaken kundalini in others and pull them into samadhi. It is not as simple as it sounds. It is a question of whether the one I sit with is ready for it. Most are not. So just because somebody may want it, or I may want to give it, it is not necessarily so that it will happen. When it happens, it is real shaktipat. Many may receive shakti from me and experience profound energy or peace in my presence, and that is also shaktipat, but the "real" shaktipat is irreversible and places the student on a non-stop path to Self-realization and beyond. Please see the special page about shaktipat  and shaktipat in absentia

One to one is of course
always done on a personal basis in my private home in Copenhagen (I can also do couples at once), but shaktipat in absentia has proven to work wonders for many. If you live far away, I suggest you request a shaktipat in absentia mala, and then we can later see about a personal visit.

Send me an email if you are interested.

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